Friday, February 28, 2014


I scored a Friday Night Lights original pilot script on Ebay. Insert fangirl squee here.

Reading it, I've noticed things changed quite a bit from the original concept to the finished product.

For example, Billy Riggins was originally written as Tim's dad.

Can you even imagine if they'd left it that way? We would've never seen the brotherly banter. Or them fighting over the woman next door, which yielded Tim's famous "Riggins trifecta" line to her when he realized she was sleeping with his brother, too.  There would've been no Riggins Riggs. Tim would've never had to go to prison for Billy.

Hmmmm, on second thought… I could've done without that part. I HATED Billy Riggins. So much that if I saw him out somewhere in Texas, I would probably punch him in the face for being such a shitty human. (Then I'd profusely apologize and ask him not to call the cops.)  That loathing I felt for Billy means the writer did his job. He made me FEEL something.  If Tim had a dad at home who cared about him instead of his idiot brother who constantly screwed him over, he wouldn't have been as interesting. 

Still smokin' hot, but not as interesting.

Also, Smash Williams's original nickname was Bomber. Huh? I laughed when I saw it because, uh- no. He's SMASH. It just fit him. 

Matt Saracen originally lived at home with his mother, not Grandma Saracen. That would've been a big ole yawner. I love Grandma Saracen's senile ass! Matt would've definitely been less interesting.

Coach Taylor's name was originally Coach Long. 

Nope, he's Coach Taylor. Definitely.

The big plot points are the same. Jason Street sustains an injury that paralyzes him and puts the team in a tailspin. Tim is a playboy. Tyra is awesome. Lyla is a bitchface. Landry gets on everyone's nerves.

But SO MANY crucial points got changed.  For the better!  I can say this because Friday Night Lights is my favorite television series of all time. It was perfection.

And since I've been an editing fool for the past couple of months, it gives me hope about the changes I've made. Changes are good. Editing is magic.

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose.

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